Characteristics of Refractory Spray Coating

Refractory spray coating is a kind of new technology material, which promotes the development of high-tech technology. Refractory spray paint is a relatively widely used paint in the chemical industry. Refractory spray paint can make pipelines, equipment, and buildings last longer, and the use of this spray paint can reduce the number of repairs.

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    Characteristics of Refractory Spray Coating

    (1) High mechanical strength and rigidity.

    Refractory spray coatings are mainly composed of high-temperature wear-resistant aggregates and bonding systems. High density, no macro defects, strength up to 200 MPa, beyond the range of ordinary concrete and castables. Mainly use ionic compounds and some synthetic covalent compounds. Their ionic bonds are firmly bonded. Therefore, they have high strength and rigidity, and can effectively resist the impact force and shear stress of the material. However, due to the use of composite strengthening measures and special treatment, the bonding system forms a chemical bond, which makes it have higher strength.

    (2) Excellent toughness and seismic performance.

    Because the refractory spray coating is reinforced with non-oriented corundum fiber, the coupling further improves the toughness and the fracture toughness is strong. It can effectively prevent damage and peeling caused by impact. On the other hand, since the ionic bond and the covalent bond are firmly combined, the bond energy is relatively high. Not affected by low temperature, no thermal shock damage will occur.

    (3) Good integrity.

    Due to the low expansion coefficient of the ceramic material, its volume is stable, and it is not easy to produce cracks, so the integrity is good. In addition, the structure is integral without seams, so the integrity is further improved.

    (4) Good environmental compatibility.

    Due to the use of special materials resistant to acid and alkali, the performance is stable and will not react with the medium. At the same time, the raw materials of refractory spray coatings are mostly high-temperature synthetic materials, with well-developed crystals and complete structures, which are not affected by environmental factors. They are environmentally inert materials and one of the good inert materials. Therefore, it can effectively resist various environmental media and chemical corrosion.

    (5) No environmental pollution.

    Refractory spray coating is a kind of inorganic non-metallic material. Its main component is similar to rock, it will not cause soil degradation and heavy metal ion pollution, and will not cause ecological environment problems. This is a green product.

    Due to the above characteristics, fire-resistant spray coatings can be applied to key wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant coatings for various high-temperature equipment such as cement, national defense, petroleum, and chemical industries. It is a new generation ideal material to replace the existing wear-resistant ceramic sheets and wear-resistant steel. It solves the problem of frequent shutdown and maintenance of parts caused by wind selection abrasion and impact abrasion in various industries.

    What factors affect the wear of refractory spray coatings?

    Refractory spray coatings have good toughness, shock resistance, and integrity, and are relatively stable in volume, and are not prone to cracks. So, what are the factors that affect wear and tear during use?

    1. Abrasive hardness. Using surface strengthening to make the parts reach the hardness, or exceed the hardness of the abrasive, can improve the wear resistance of the parts. However, high-hardness materials will have some consequences such as decreased toughness and increased brittleness.
    2. The geometric shape of refractory spray paint. Abrasives with sharp edges and corners have a much higher wear rate than round abrasives. After the abrasive is blunt, the wear rate will decrease. If the abrasive is ground, the grinding speed will increase again.
    3. Abrasive particle size. The amount of metal wear will increase as the size of the abrasive increases. When the abrasive size is increased to a certain size, the wear rate will remain unchanged.

    Refractory spray coatings will not cause too much impact on the surrounding environment during use. The adhesion to metal is very good and very hard. After high-temperature calcination, the strength will be more significant and it will not crack. It has good oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and colorful colors.

    To purchase high-quality refractory coatings materials, please find a professional manufacturer of monolithic refractory materials.

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