Low Cement Steel Fiber Castable for Steel Slag Plant

Low-cement castables can be added with steel fibers to prepare low-cement steel fiber castables. Low-cement steel fiber castables for steel slag plants. It is suitable for pouring or prefabrication of blast furnaces and their auxiliary equipment, continuous casting tundish, mixed iron furnace, and iron furnace lining. Various high-temperature kiln burner working layers. Steel rolling heating … Read more

Low Cement Castables for Nickel Iron Rotary Kiln in Vietnam

The types of refractory castables for nickel-iron rotary kilns in Vietnam include high-alumina high-strength castables, corundum-mullite castables, and low-cement castables. As an experienced monolithic refractory manufacturer and sales manufacturer, the physical and chemical indicators of various castables of Rongsheng are customized according to the working environment conditions of high-temperature industrial kilns. The low-cement castables used … Read more

The Advantages of Using Low-Cement Castables in High-Temperature Applications

Refractory materials are essential components in industries that require high-temperature processing. They are used in various applications, such as furnaces, kilns, and reactors. Refractory materials must have excellent thermal shock resistance, high mechanical strength, and chemical stability to withstand the extreme conditions of these high-temperature processes. Low cement castables are a type of refractory castable … Read more

The Importance of Proper Installation and Maintenance of Refractory Monolithics

Refractory monolithics play a crucial role in high-temperature industrial applications, providing insulation, protection, and durability. Proper installation and maintenance of these materials are essential for ensuring their longevity and optimal performance. From RS Monolithic Refractory Factory, we know the importance of proper installation and maintenance of refractory monolithics and how they can impact industrial processes. … Read more

Wear-Resistant Refractory Plastic for Fluidized Furnace with a Service Temperature More than 1000 °C

Wear-resistant refractory plastic is a kind of unshaped refractory product that is configured with raw materials of corresponding materials according to the working environment and use parts of the kiln. It is generally used in parts of high-temperature kilns that cannot be poured. According to the different parts of its use, its high-temperature resistance is … Read more

Application and Construction of Unshaped Refractory Ramming Material

Ramming material refers to the unshaped refractory material that is constructed by ramming (manual or mechanical) and hardened under the action of heating above normal temperature. It is made by kneading refractory aggregate, powder, binder, admixture, and water or other liquids with certain matching. According to the material, it can be divided into high alumina, … Read more

Application of Aluminum Magnesium Spinel Castable

Today, with the rapid development of metallurgical technology, the technical requirements for refractory materials for ladles are also getting higher and higher. The corundum-based Al-Mg spinel castable with ultra-low cement bonding is characterized by good spalling resistance and alkaline ladle slag erosion resistance. The life of the ladle lining is significantly improved, the consumption is … Read more

Application of Different Kinds of Refractory Ramming Materials

The basic material composition of ordinary refractory ramming materials is basically similar to that of refractory castables and plastics. It is also composed of refractory aggregates, powders, binders, and additives in proportion. The difference is that the amount of powder in the ingredients of the ramming material is more, and the amount of binder is … Read more

Application of Low Cement Castable in Heating Furnace

Low-cement castables are prepared from refractory aggregates, high-aluminum fine powders, and binders in a certain proportion, prefabricated, and baked into refractory materials with good performance. It is very suitable for the operating conditions of the heating furnace. Next, Rongsheng refractory manufacturers will introduce the application and use the effect of low-cement castables in the heating … Read more

The Application of High Alumina Refractory Plastics in Heating Furnaces

The application of heating furnaces is very wide, such as steel smelting, petroleum, chemical industry, and so on. No matter what industry it is used in, refractory materials are an indispensable and important component of heating furnaces. The traditional heating furnace lining uses low-cement castables, but the loss of low-cement castables is faster. At present, … Read more