Corundum Wear Resistant Castable – High Strength Wear Resistant Castable Supply

High Strength Corundum Wear Resistant Castable from Rongsheng Refractory Manufacturer. Corundum castable is a kind of amorphous refractory castable widely produced and used at present. The refractory castable made of corundum as aggregate and powder plus some binder is mainly made of corundum, is high strength corundum wear resistant castableThis series of wear resistant castable … Read more

Low Cement High Alumina Refractory Castables Advantages

Rongsheng Low Cement High Alumina Castable For Sale. Low cement high alumina castable is a kind of powder material, is based on the traditional ratio, adjusted the particle size, added different additives, reduce the amount of cement, improve the performance, improve the strength of medium temperature and softening temperature under load, reduce the thermal conductivity, … Read more

Use Low Cement Castables in the Heating Furnace Lining

Use refractory plastics or low cement castables in different areas of the heating furnace roof. Low cement refractory castable is developed on clay combined refractory castable system. It has high density, low porosity, high strength, low wear, good thermal shock resistance, and corrosion resistance. Although the aggregate and powder in the traditional aluminate cement refractory … Read more

Silicon Carbide Low Cement Castable for Blast Furnace Tap Trough

As the name suggests, low-cement castables are castables with low cement content, low cement dosage, and small calcium content. The lower the calcium content, the lower the pores and the stronger the erosion resistance. Low-cement castables are divided into low-cement castables such as aluminum silicate, mullite, corundum, magnesia-aluminum, fine stone, carbon, and silicon carbide. Low … Read more

Micro-Expansion Refractory Plastic

Thermal expansion and contraction are natural phenomena. Micro-expansion refractory plastic is a new product to solve the problem of expansion of refractory materials at high temperatures. Rongsheng micro-expansion refractory plastic has a small expansion coefficient in high-temperature environments, high strength, and good application effects. Advantages and Characteristics of Micro-Expansion Refractory Plastics Micro-expansion plastic has the … Read more

High Temperature Lightweight Castable Refractory Price

Energy shortage is a reality in today’s world, and saving energy is an important task for all countries. Under this situation, lightweight refractory castables have developed rapidly, with expanded varieties, improved quality, increased output, and wide applications. In the past, in kilns with temperatures above 1000°C, lightweight refractory castables could only be used as insulation … Read more

Causes of Damage to Refractory Castables Used in Furnaces and Castable Repair Methods

Refractory castables not only have high performance and good performance. Therefore, a large part of the boiler structure is made of refractory castables. In many cases, refractory castables can be modified to produce refractory materials with different properties. This is one of the reasons why refractory castables are so popular now. Get Free Quote Causes … Read more

Wear-Resistant Plastic Refractory Resistant to Erosion and Not Easy to Peel Off

Refractory plastics are made of refractory aggregates and powders, raw clay and chemicals, and binders and admixtures. After configuration and kneading, it is extruded into a brick shape, and it still has good plasticity after being packaged and stored for a certain period of time and can be constructed by tamping. According to the type … Read more

Supply of Silicon Carbide Anti-Corrosion Ramming Refractory Material

The intermediate frequency furnace ramming refractory material uses high-quality corundum as the main raw material. Composite materials such as various binders and special performance micro powder materials, high-temperature resistant binders, anti-cracking agents, anti-seepage agents, etc. are finely proportioned and mixed. The intermediate frequency furnace ramming mixes materials are all made of special high-grade materials, which … Read more