Wear-Resistant Corundum Silicon Carbide Refractory Castable

Corundum silicon carbide castable is a special refractory castable, using corundum (Al2O3) and silicon carbide (SiC) as the main raw materials, and has excellent fire resistance and chemical resistance. Wear-resistant and refractory corundum silicon carbide castable, this refractory castable is widely used in industrial furnaces, boilers, high-temperature equipment and other parts in high-temperature, high-wear, and high-chemical-erosion environments.

Wear Resistant Corundum Silicon Carbide Castable
Wear Resistant Corundum Silicon Carbide Castable

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    The main features of corundum silicon carbide castable are as follows:

    1. High refractoriness. Corundum silicon carbide castable has high refractoriness and can withstand high temperatures exceeding 1800°C. Suitable for use in furnaces and equipment under high-temperature conditions.
    2. Anti-wear properties. Silicon carbide has high hardness and anti-wear properties. It can effectively resist the wear of fuel and charge at high temperatures and extend the service life of the equipment.
    3. Resistance to chemical attack. Corundum silicon carbide castable has excellent resistance to chemical attack and can resist corrosive gases and substances produced by fuel combustion at high temperatures. Suitable for areas susceptible to chemical attack.
    4. Good thermal stability. Corundum silicon carbide castable has good thermal stability at high temperatures and can withstand the thermal cycle and temperature fluctuations of the furnace.
    5. Good antioxidant properties. Corundum silicon carbide castable has good oxidation resistance and can maintain low oxidation loss in high-temperature oxidizing environments.

    When selecting corundum silicon carbide castables, comprehensive considerations should be made based on the working environment, heating degree, and stress of the furnace or equipment. In addition, factors such as the construction performance, maintenance requirements, and cost-effectiveness of refractory castables need to be considered. To ensure the safety, efficient operation, and extended service life of the furnace or equipment.

    Rongsheng Corundum Silicon Carbide Refractory Castable

    Corundum silicon carbide castable is a corundum silicon carbide wear-resistant castable made by Kerui Group based on the use environment of the cement rotary kiln. It selects natural corundum and silicon carbide raw materials through precise proportioning, homogenization, balling, and high-temperature calcination. The main ingredients are corundum, and various micro-powder additives such as mullite and silicon carbide are also added. In actual use, it has the characteristics of good high-temperature performance, high-temperature strength, good integrity, no cracking, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance.

    Corundum silicon carbide castable has high strength after medium and high-temperature treatment. After treatment at 810°C for 3h and 1400°C for 3h, the flexural strength and compressive strength reached more than 10.0MPa and 80.0MPa respectively, with good slag erosion resistance and thermal shock resistance. After drying, the 70mm×70mm×70mm sample block was subjected to 1100°C = water cooling and thermal shock for 100 times.

    1. High-temperature mechanical strength and excellent high-temperature wear resistance.
    2. Good resistance to chemical corrosion of slag.
    3. Good antioxidant properties.
    4. Has good thermal shock resistance.
    5. Good high-temperature volume stability.
    6. Good burst resistance.
    7. Can be quickly installed, repaired, and replaced.
    8. It emits less harmful gases during use and does not pollute the environment.
    9. It has good slag resistance and does not stick to slag iron.

    Rongsheng monolithic refractory material manufacturer, corundum silicon carbide castable has been successfully used in many blast furnace taphole mud jackets. According to its thermal repair application effect, the castable has good high-temperature construction performance and quick baking ability. It effectively simplifies the drying and baking process, and shortens the blast furnace wind break time, thereby improving the blast furnace production efficiency. It is also used as a special castable for the entrance of lime rotary kilns and cement rotary kilns. Contact us to get free samples and quotes.

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